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Big Bang membe​rs will all go into their​ solo activ​ities​ for the 1st half of next year,​ inclu​ding membe​r TOP’s​ solo album​,​ befor​e Big Bang’​s new album​ in the 2nd half of the year.​

First​ will be young​est membe​r Seung​Ri.​ His first​ solo MV ‘Stro​ng Baby’​,​ inclu​ded in Big Bang’​s 2nd full album​,​ will be relea​sed on 1st Janua​ry.​ Seung​Ri has also perfo​rmed his first​ solo stage​ on 29th Decem​ber for SBS Gayo DaeJe​on.​

After​ Seung​Ri will be leade​r GDrag​on.​ He will take some time off for rest toget​her with the other​ membe​rs after​ their​ conce​rt in Janua​ry and Febru​ary.​ After​ which​,​ he will start​ his solo activ​ities​.​ GDrag​on’s solo album​ will be relea​sed in April​ next year.​ Even thoug​h we have been infor​med of his solo album​ some time back,​ becau​se GDrag​on has also been busy with YG’s new girl group​ debut​,​ his solo album​ will only be relea​sed next April​.​

After​ GDrag​on’s solo activ​ities​,​ TaeYa​ng will follo​w with his 2nd solo album​.​ He is the first​ membe​r of Big Bang to have his solo album​.​ His 2nd solo album​ promi​ses more perso​nal uniqu​e music​ style​ and confi​dence​ from TaeYa​ng.​

Big Bang’​s new album​ will be set to relea​sed in the 2nd half of 2009.​ And there​ are also plans​ for membe​r TOP to have his own solo album​.​ Among​st the other​ Big Bang membe​rs,​ he will be the busie​st havin​g to juggl​e group​ aciti​vitie​s,​ solo activ​ities​ and his actin​g.​

Membe​r DaeSu​ng who has been busy with his music​al ‘Cats​’ will also conti​nue to appea​r on SBS ‘Good​ Sunda​y’ ‘Fami​ly Outin​g’ corne​r.​

This will be great​ news for fans,​ becau​se even thoug​h we will have to wait to the 2nd half of year 2009 for Big Bang’​s group​ activ​ities​,​ we will still​ get to see membe​r’s solo act in the first​ half of the year.​


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I was so happy!!. As soon as I got my copy in the mail I took pics of it in and out of it with my cellphone camera. Here are a few shots of it




The Cover is awesome it has the well known classic Big Bang style texture 3D effect image.




The inside comes with stickers and Big Bang Dolls, The Lyrics Booklet, and a Handwritten Thank You note


Inside the Booklet

Inside the Booklet

Inside the Booklet includes a really high quality photoshoot images of each of the Big Bang members showing off their unique style.  ^_^   OMG!! so CUTE!! ^_^

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If there’s one thing that proves you’re a hardcore hip-hop artist, it’s dressing up as snowmen and hovering over an ice cream cake.

At least that’s the approach Big Bang has taken with the completion of their recent Baskin Robbins Christmas CF.

I think the photo and videos speak for themselves.




The TV Ad video:


The Making Of  – Some Outtakes:

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Big Bang members G-Dragon and Dae Sung just received word that they have been accepted into Kyunghee University and will be attending in 2009.
YG Entertainment stated:

Both members are extremely thrilled. In conjunction with the recently released and well received 2nd album and awards, this latest news has become a true blessing. We are extremely happy for the members as the good news just keeps on piling up.

Kyunghee University is a complete hotspot for celebrities, the list is massive. To name a few: Wonder Girls’ Ye Eun, Park Hyo Shin, Rin, SG Wannabe’s Kim Jin Ho, Buzz’s Min Kyung Hoon, Sugar’s Park Soo Jin, TVXQ’s Changmin and Super Junior’s Kyuhyun are all attendees or graduates of Kyunghee University. Oh, and just so you guys know how credible this university is, world star and magic stick wielding Rain, graduated from Kyunghee in 2006. And that means a lot.

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Big Bang Got Our Cash


Not mine exactly, but yours if you’ve ever purchased their albums, attended their concerts, or even downloaded their ringtones. Legally, of course. 

YG Entertainment recently disclosed that Big Bang made a whopping 36,000,000,000 won in 2008, or around 24.5 million US Dollars, making them one of the most profitable groups in Korea. Yep, count the zeros, that is a lot of money! $_$

A good chunk of their income comes from concerts. Their two concerts in Japan, one in Thailand, and the three months of touring in Korea made them more than 5,000,000,000 won (around 3.43 million). Their album and mini-albums totalled 4,000,000,000 won (around 2.72 million). Other than that, being spokesmen and doing advertising for eight top Korean brands also contributed to a big chunk of that cool 24.5 million. 

That does sound like a lot of money, but when you consider the fact that there are five members, and the artists themselves normally only receive 20% of the total profit, that 24.5 million quickly disintegrates into pocket change. By rough calculations, each of the members will only receive 1,000,000,000 won, or around 680,000 US dollars. G-Dragon, who is in charge of composing as well as some aspects of production will receive a bit more than the others… Tae Yang as well, because of his solo efforts. But you also can’t forget about the taxes.

It’s no secret that Korean boy bands don’t make much after their management / company take away the bigger share (upwards of 80%). There were reports that SM gave H.O.T only 1 cent per album sale, which was the main reason they broke up. But I really feel that they deserve more, since they probably have to work way more than the average person and endure all the other negative aspects of being a star, loss of privacy and such. Oh well, at least Big Bang members are not splitting it 13 ways like the Super Junior boys (with a cheap Lee Soo Man to boot). Now that is no kind of life. Looking at it this way, being a top idol really doesn’t get you much. Then again in the big perspective, making a mid to high 6 figure sum before you enter college isn’t that bad at all.

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G-Dragon has had his solo debut in the planning stages for a few months already. He’s planning to go to America for a few months to work on his solo album, but he won’t be alone as his fellow members from Big Bang will be accompanying him on the trip. The producers and music people G-Dragon wants to collaborate with are all based in America so that is the main reason he’s coming over. Big Bang plans on coming to America sometime in February of 2009, just as they finish their promotions for “Remember.”

The other Big Bang members are taking the trip as both a vacation and learning experience. They want to lay their heads down and rest for a bit, but they also want to take advantage of their opportunity of being here by learning / studying choreography and music here. They also plan on improving their English, like their label mate Se7en did. Se7en is currently in America trying to start his fledgling career here. Big Bang can also have an opportunity to work some more label mates in Danny and Teddy of 1Tym (both residents of Los Angeles).

Big Bang said that they would be coming to America for a concert. No word on if they’re planning any concerts in America while they’re here, but they should take this opportunity to do so. They will train in America, so will they eventually debut here? I’m thinking that’s something they’re planning to do so in the future. All I know is that it’s exciting for VIP’s in America.

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