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Taeyang has a new love

taeyang and boss 1

it’s a Boston Terrier puppy named, “Boss.’ Taeyang’s brought his new love on location for the photo shoot of casual brand Nii. The other members of Big Bang even wrote a note to Taeyang that they are feeling a bit neglected. And rightly they should…with all the kisses that he’s giving to his puppy, the boy only has eyes for his “Boss”






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Not quite the best person to start exposing KPOP in America, because personally I think even Michael Buckley (whatthebuckshow) is even way more ready for this and he would make it spark, flash and twinkle all across the nation! =D 

But yeah we all know that Perez Hilton likes his Kpop too!! The latest song that’s getting his attention is “Strong Baby” by Seung Ri of Big Bang.

Perez Hilton writes:

Y’all know we love us some good K-Pop, but this really transcends the genre.

He’s bringing sexy back!

Unfortunately, there’s some racist comments in the commentary again but it’s pretty cool that a Big Bang member is being recognized, despite the KBS ban. Although I thought Perez would fancy someone like Tae Yang instead.

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And the banning of explicit, but not really explicit lyrics continues. Because not only do the artists not understand what the English in their own songs mean, but the major broadcasting networks as well.
Seung Ri’s solo single “Strong Baby,” has been deemed inappropriate due to the usage of the word “crack.” And with good reason! Because every little teenager who listens to this song, will automatically know it’s a drug, and go sell some cheeseburgers and perform oral acts of pleasure, just to obtain crack.

For those of you unfamiliar with the reference above, it’s from Menace to Society, and obviously, Seung Ri along with all of the other Big Bangers are just that.

YG Entertainment stated that the song has absolutely no relation to the drug. And they strongly believe KBS’ exec’s are the only ones on crack. And did I just make that up? Maybe. The only thing we know for sure, is that Big Bangers are still the reigning champs of sucking ass crack.

Source: allkpop.com

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Their new Album Volume 2 Remember
Their new Album Volume 2 Remember

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Big Bang Sidekick LX

This is my Sidekick LX with the Big Bang Theme and the Big Bang cellphone strap!


I love it .. its so cute!! ^_^

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