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2PM performed live at the M Super Concert. It was a unique presentation for the JYP’s seven golden boys of 2PM. They had huge fireworks and Junho kept looking up to the fireworks instead of down to the stage on several times! He also laughed at himself after making his signature hand move! ^_^

video credit: Symbelmyns

Junho Laughing at himself:
Junho smiling at himself

The fireworks from far:
2pm superconcert fireworks

Junho peaking at the fireworks:
juhno peaking at fireworks
juhno peaking at fireworks again


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This is 2PM recent presentation at the Inkigayo on May 3rd. It was awesome! Although you could tell they were sweating a lot, you can’t blame them, the lights were really strong on them this time plus the stage was pure mirrors so more light reflection, plus their moves demand a lot of physical strength. But all and all their performance was amazing! I almost know all the step by now, from watching all their video versions and presentations on different stages ^_^
What do you guys think about this performance?

video credit: 2pmsnacks

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2pm 3rd comeback

2PM had their third (3rd) Comeback Performance on Music Core on the 25th.
It’s their best performance yet!! Best dance performance and best sound and perfect voices and mics! Like the real track! They were really Awesome! ^_^

video credit: Symbelmyns

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Don’t forget! Time to meet Se7en! Its this Saturday April 18th! Se7en will be performing LIVE at the Velvet Room in Atlanta!
He will perform his debut US single ‘Girls’ featuring Lil Kim. There’s going to be a few surprises, another song too and some very special guests will be joining the show in Se7en’s support as he makes his US debut!


You can purchase tickets in advance here Se7en Performing Live In Atlanta

Compiled partial promotional source: allkpop

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