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2pm BodyShop

2PM’s CF for The Body Shop‘s Soft Hands, Kind Heart is released. This is a worldwide campaign for the protection of children and teenagers against sex trafficking, and the boys will act as Korea’s spokespeople for the campaign.
In this CF you can see the boys asking viewers to donate to the Soft Hands, Kind Heart fund. The CF will be aired for a month starting today on Olive TV. Its really beautiful and very touching, and the boys really know how to persuade the public. Its really effective. Makes me want to donate immediately. Well I mean who wouldn’t after seeing them so adorable in this video! Check it out:

cr: mylove2pm

The campaign’s logo, a handprint, is supposed to represent one’s voice yelling “No!” to human rights crimes against children and teenagers. The Body Shop stated, “We would like for this campaign to produce a solution and aggressively raise society’s awareness of the crime of raping children and teenagers. We hope that many people will take interest in the campaign and participate not just because 2PM is the advertiser.”

Here are some behind-the-scenes of the film making.

This is how they were making the T-shirts and part one of the photo shoot:

cr: sanakujira

2PM + Preschoolers = Total Sweetness!! So adorable!

And this is part two of the photo shoot:

cr: sanakujira

2pm bodyshop 2
2pm bodyshop 3


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SHINee just released the photos for the upcoming issue of Vogue Girl for August.
Although the photography on this pictures are simple, they portrait a very impacting image. There are some garments that I really would like to try on; specially Taemin’s stretchy skin color shirt and Minho’s white collar shirt.
What do you guys think about the pictures?
shineevogue 2

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Make sure you have a bib and money to buy this July’s Issue of Vogue Girl Magazine!
2PM just made a photoshoot for Vogue Girl Magazine and they’ve only released a limited amount of photos. So if you want to see the what the boys are showing this summer, you have to buy the magazine, and sorry but they didn’t include Chansung nor Junsu this time.
But I’m sure Vogue Girl Magazine has just touched gold with these boys! What do you think? Check them out!

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