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The Subway World ^_^


Sometimes I just feel there’s like a whole new world underneath us everytime I get on the subway. Like a sub-world, but I know its just the subway nothing more, nothing less.  I guess I’ve always had a vivid imagination. I think I’m entering a new world hehe^^ eventho its so old down there.. Although sometimes I also feel like we got an underworld. I wish we did actually. A full-length City with schools and offices and underground parks haha^^ 

But I do like how modern are the subway stations in Seoul and other parts of Korea.. not like NYC.  I just love Korea.  I would never get tired of it.  Besides its one of the fastest systems in the world and its actually the Cleanest in the world!!!




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It seems like this little vending machine in Seoul hasn’t been giving back the change when you pay with cash. Just make sure to put the exact amount, or just pay with a Card. 


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