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F.CUZ Teases Us

According to Naver, F.CUZ is currently ranked as the most anticipated group debut of 2010. With just less than a week for their debut, F.CUZ has been teasing us with what I should say are really awesomely made videos for their debut track Jiggy.

First Teaser:

Second Teaser:

Third Teaser:

Here are some eye candy photos of them:


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2PM” Fans want the return of Jaebum and created a donation event that is gaining interest.

2PM” Fans gave this special event the name ‘Pink Day” on the 16th. This event seems to have taken place in many places with flow and population, as it took place in Seoul, Myungdong, GwangHwaMoon, Gangnam, Busan, Gwangju, Incheon and Ulsan.

Pink Day” is carried out with fans writing “Return Jaebum” on a pink envelope with money which is placed in a Salvation Army box.

The fans prepared this event to say “It has been 100 days, on the 16th since 2PM’s leader Jaebum left. We think it is time that Jaebum comes back and although this is not a formal event it was done out of the free will from fans”.

They have also expressed, “We cannot just protect the 6 members of 2PM, and hope that the continuous withdrawal of Jaebum does not happen again”.

Even when it was lunch time or in the evening when people were leaving work the fans concentrated on the “Return of Jaebum” event and enlisted more fans.

Credits: Nate News (Source) and jina_bing_bang@2ONEDAY.COM (Trans)

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MBLAQ released two different music videos to their song ‘G.O.O.D Luv‘. The first one being a very low budget homemade version released last month and their fans got hyped up crazy about it. Especially because the music video showcased their playful personality. Since everyone loved it so much, now MBLAQ delivers a second version MV. This time with a slightly higher budget.

Watch them in both of the videos and enjoy a double doze of absolute adorable good looking guys having so much fun!

MBLAQ – G.O.O.D Luv @ Shopping Mall

MBLAQ – G.O.O.D Luv – Official – 2nd Version

cr: absolutemblaq , absolutemblaq2

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2PM delivers one of the most outstanding never seen performances of Heartbeat after winning a Disk Bon Sang Award at the 2009 Golden Disk Awards! An off-stage and on-stage synchronized 6 member show! With a smooth transition from Heartbeat to Again & Again

cr. popkisssicle

2PM at the Red Carpet Event:

Congratulations to 2PM for the Award and the Awesome Performance!

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Rookie group BEAST‘s company Cube Entertainment recently announced their Official Fan Club name as B2UTY. Pronounced Beauty since in Korean, the number 2 sounds as “ee” in the ‘sino-korean’ numeric system.

Now BEAST (B2ST) have posted a personal video messege to the B2UTY’s
Watch how the adorkable boys sing Beauty and the Beast, then cutie Yo Seob punching Doo Joon, and BEAST stating that male fans can be B2UTY’s as well.

As a bonus treat for all the B2UTYs, here is B2ST admiring some of that Gi Kwang abs!

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2PM just released the full MV for their new single MY COLOR as an endorsement for the new Samsung Anycall Corby phone.

Full MV:

60sec. Teaser:

It was a treat to see the Jun-brothers (Junho-Junsu) together for this MV

Also 2PM had recently release some promotional Anycall ads like these taken at a store in Korea:

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After winning Male Group of the Year on the MNet Asian Music Awards and winning Music Bank a few days ago, now 2PM wins Inkigayo Mutizen! It’s really a comeback for 2PM! What was most heartening was to hear the 2PM boys shout out Jaebeom’s name during their winning speech.
And of course they always have a different way of ending their performance.. this time we get a special treat from Taecyeon! Don’t forget to watch till the end of the performance!

The Performance:

Taecyeon’s ending:

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