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… for this remix anyway!!.. ^_^

Our most dear remixer Alikstae came up with an awesome Girls’ Generation – Genie remix!



The dirty refers to the bassline. With limited resources, it took me a while to come up with a remix for this one. I ended up making about 5-7 versions of the track! This particular one complimented the vocals the best, which is what I feel kpop listeners seem to really appreciate. Hope you guys like it!

On a side note, he also uploaded a quick mashup of the English version of Nobody! Hope you guys fancy this one as well.


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Girls’ Generation’s new song’s music video is finally out. Awesome Song~! I’m addicted to it! i can’t stop playing it! But a little disappointed on the video concept, more exactly the choreography, which supposedly it was made by Rino, even though it could’ve been done by Taeyeon.

The video itself is very hyped up and it shows somehow a bachelors party environment with club scenes, popping out of cakes, and the girls portrait, or at least try to show us a pilot-ish look, with their hats and jackets. Don’t get me wrong, they look very lovely and innocent which I’m so digging it!

video credit: kmusic93

snsd genie

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