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Yes its true. on the first day of September 2PM Nichkhun revealed on KBS2. ‘Imagination Plus’
When asked who is his favorite artist he responded is a female
He didn’t hesitate by saying is from SNSD
and everyone agreed on his choice and then he said He likes Yoona!
Reason: Because she has a beautiful smile!

For our Korean readers:
닉쿤은은 9월 1일 방송된 KBS 2TV ‘상상플러스’(상플, 상상더하기)에서 ‘마음에 드는 여자 연예인은?’이라는 질문에 “소녀시대 윤아가 좋다”며 “미소가 되게 예쁘다”고 호감을 드러냈다.

Check out the clip:



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JYP Entertainment’s popular boy groups 2PM and 2AM have officially created twitter accounts. JYP Entertainment has confirmed that these twitters are in fact the official twitters of each respective member of 2PM and 2AM.



Of course the Legendary Park Jin Young (JYP) is on Twitter

And for all the fans of Joo http://twitter.com/JOOJYPE

To complete the JYP Family here are the Wonder Girls Twitter

Wonder Girls

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We all have seen the sexy pictures of 2PM Vogue Girl Photoshoot. They are outstanding indeed! This video will show you parts of how the photoshoot session went!.
You will see how they all start goofing around as always and also a really nice part when Jay starts playing the piano and singing. Junho was very sweet in some shots and at the end you will see him bringing his fierce personality out. Watch it for yourself!

video credit: 2PMjjang

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Make sure you have a bib and money to buy this July’s Issue of Vogue Girl Magazine!
2PM just made a photoshoot for Vogue Girl Magazine and they’ve only released a limited amount of photos. So if you want to see the what the boys are showing this summer, you have to buy the magazine, and sorry but they didn’t include Chansung nor Junsu this time.
But I’m sure Vogue Girl Magazine has just touched gold with these boys! What do you think? Check them out!

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2PM started the promotion of their new song “I Hate You” on MNet M! Countdown. They started with the show with “Again & Again” in an unexpected way. This time without their dance choreography! Instead, one by one started to appear on stage through individual lifting platforms, singing their parts on the “Again & Again” song, and quickly transitioning into I Hate You showing complete different outfits, dance choreography and hair styles which ones again proves JYP knows whats he is doing with its golden boys of 2PM.

Although this time their outfits were somewhat normal comparing them to their previous promotional season, It looks like they have borrowed some of T.O.P’s personal wardrobe, even the similarity of the chin masks on a few of the members. Although I would say the one that looked really cute wearing the chin mask was Junho. One regret is Junsu’s hairstyle. He went back to his “bowl cut”. Nichkhun and Wooyoung made me laugh on this video because they look like little cute seudo-cowboys! ^_^

Taecyeon’s rap was outstanding. Not to mention that his manly voice always gives me goosebumps! JaeBeom’s perfect timing on showing some skin has never failed! Check out their performance on MNet M! Countdown below.

Video Credit: Symbelmyns

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save energy 2pm
On last night’s Inkigayo 2PM presented their own version of the Save Energy Song. We know 2PM as the acrobatic and arm pumping 7 golden boys of JYP. This time they demostrate all their dance moves in a load of adorable hot dork mix in this colorful video that will make everyone Save Energy! Save Earth!
They play some hoops! Jaebeom demonstrates that his smooth dance moves translate well to the court. Then a little puppy man-to-man fetch, some push ups and some jungle gym bar fun!
Here it is! Check it out! What do you guys think?

video credit: yumichicken

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2PM performed live at the M Super Concert. It was a unique presentation for the JYP’s seven golden boys of 2PM. They had huge fireworks and Junho kept looking up to the fireworks instead of down to the stage on several times! He also laughed at himself after making his signature hand move! ^_^

video credit: Symbelmyns

Junho Laughing at himself:
Junho smiling at himself

The fireworks from far:
2pm superconcert fireworks

Junho peaking at the fireworks:
juhno peaking at fireworks
juhno peaking at fireworks again

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