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Boyband 2PM did it again! .. Although the boys couldn’t perform live because they were busy promoting their album in Thailand, we are able to at least enjoy this short and sweet Energy Song MV. They recorded a new Energy Song MV with the exception of Nichkhun, and it was shown on the July 5th episode of SBS Inkigayo. And of course They never fail to show their goofball side of them!

video credit: ShimJiroELF



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We all have seen the sexy pictures of 2PM Vogue Girl Photoshoot. They are outstanding indeed! This video will show you parts of how the photoshoot session went!.
You will see how they all start goofing around as always and also a really nice part when Jay starts playing the piano and singing. Junho was very sweet in some shots and at the end you will see him bringing his fierce personality out. Watch it for yourself!

video credit: 2PMjjang

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2AM made an Appearance on the latest episode of “MBC Every1 Idol Show” As you know whenever 2AM’s JoKwon is around, its all laughter and fun!
They prankcall 2PM’s Wooyoung and after Kara’s Koo Hara few seconds of fangirling, she hands the phone to JoKwon and its all laughter from there on! JoKwon pretends to be a fangirl to Wooyoung (he makes a really perfect girl voice) then Wooyoung hands the phone to Taecyeon which makes Jokwon start telling him how he doesn’t like Taec and demands to put Wooyoung back on the phone! Then Taec cuts Jokwon off; which makes Kwon to call him “Yah” (kinda like a “yo bitch”) JoKwon’s actions cause everyone to burst into laughter and then even more when they realized Taecyeon really hang up on them! ^_^

video credit: time2sub
partial source lead: allkpop

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