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So here it is! Taeyang‘s comeback! He didn’t wait much after the teaser, which is good for all of us. He is definitely trying to set his style with this song, “Where U At”, having a lot of similarities with his first solo album, and even with his Big Bang performances in particular with the Japanese version of “Heaven” named “My Heaven” you can see the settings in which his part was in the music video are similar as well.
Taeyang comparing two sets

Although he is not going to be promoting this song live, the video really does all the work. Its an excellent production. Reason why is because this is not his main focus, as Taeyang is set to release and promote another single, “Wedding Dress” on the Nov 11th, which you will see a short teaser of “Wedding Dress at the end of the video.

Ok guys what do you say? I think we gotta give it to Youngbae and YG which actually are experts on leaving you with a crave for more~!

taeyang where u at
taeyang white set


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