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The lovely dorkable duo Rain and Goo Hye Sun return with a holiday season treat of eye candy for Tour Les Jours. As you know they did show off their savory treats in the last Tour Les Jours they endorsed. (videos at the end of photo shoot post)

Check out the photos:

Tous Les Jours Holiday CF:

Making of Video:

Previous Tour Les Jours CF:


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2PM’s endorsement of Paris Baguette with actress Kim TaeHee has been released.
Now my Christmas will be sweeter~!

Check out the 15sec, 30sec, and 1:27min versions of the CF.


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Looks like Lee Seung Gi is very popular! Now even with mothers! The singer Lee Seung Gi who is the endorser of Samsung Zipel just came out with a new CF showing his love for Kimchi and of course for the new Samsung Zipel Kimchi refrigerator.

You will see why this CF is one of the most adorables right now. From the time that he catches a glimpse of a note his mother left him saying, “Son! I made new kimchi!”, the cuteness starts! but I wont spoil it if you haven’t seen it yet! Check it out!

And here is how cuteness is made! ^_^


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