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After winning Male Group of the Year on the MNet Asian Music Awards and winning Music Bank a few days ago, now 2PM wins Inkigayo Mutizen! It’s really a comeback for 2PM! What was most heartening was to hear the 2PM boys shout out Jaebeom’s name during their winning speech.
And of course they always have a different way of ending their performance.. this time we get a special treat from Taecyeon! Don’t forget to watch till the end of the performance!

The Performance:

Taecyeon’s ending:


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Boyband 2PM did it again! .. Although the boys couldn’t perform live because they were busy promoting their album in Thailand, we are able to at least enjoy this short and sweet Energy Song MV. They recorded a new Energy Song MV with the exception of Nichkhun, and it was shown on the July 5th episode of SBS Inkigayo. And of course They never fail to show their goofball side of them!

video credit: ShimJiroELF


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save energy 2pm
On last night’s Inkigayo 2PM presented their own version of the Save Energy Song. We know 2PM as the acrobatic and arm pumping 7 golden boys of JYP. This time they demostrate all their dance moves in a load of adorable hot dork mix in this colorful video that will make everyone Save Energy! Save Earth!
They play some hoops! Jaebeom demonstrates that his smooth dance moves translate well to the court. Then a little puppy man-to-man fetch, some push ups and some jungle gym bar fun!
Here it is! Check it out! What do you guys think?

video credit: yumichicken

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Every time 2PM performs, they have so nice costumes! On this Inkigayo performance they sure were wearing another version of their slick clothes.
Jay took advantage of the so convenient location of his front zipper and was showing some abs skin!! ^_^

video credit: 2pmsnacks.

2pm time for change

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This is 2PM recent presentation at the Inkigayo on May 3rd. It was awesome! Although you could tell they were sweating a lot, you can’t blame them, the lights were really strong on them this time plus the stage was pure mirrors so more light reflection, plus their moves demand a lot of physical strength. But all and all their performance was amazing! I almost know all the step by now, from watching all their video versions and presentations on different stages ^_^
What do you guys think about this performance?

video credit: 2pmsnacks

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