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MBLAQ released two different music videos to their song ‘G.O.O.D Luv‘. The first one being a very low budget homemade version released last month and their fans got hyped up crazy about it. Especially because the music video showcased their playful personality. Since everyone loved it so much, now MBLAQ delivers a second version MV. This time with a slightly higher budget.

Watch them in both of the videos and enjoy a double doze of absolute adorable good looking guys having so much fun!

MBLAQ – G.O.O.D Luv @ Shopping Mall

MBLAQ – G.O.O.D Luv – Official – 2nd Version

cr: absolutemblaq , absolutemblaq2


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2PM just released the full MV for their new single MY COLOR as an endorsement for the new Samsung Anycall Corby phone.

Full MV:

60sec. Teaser:

It was a treat to see the Jun-brothers (Junho-Junsu) together for this MV

Also 2PM had recently release some promotional Anycall ads like these taken at a store in Korea:

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2PM releases ‘Heartbeat’ MV

2pm 159pm

Today, 2PM Releases Heartbeat MV from their first full length album 1:59PM– Enjoy!

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Finally after a long wait!. I am sure for a lot of you, like myself, the anticipation was killing you! f(x) just released their first music video La Cha Ta
Its really smoking hot! The girls look so beautiful in this video!
Even the mysterious AMBER who’s been the talk of all netizen over the past couple of weeks! She’s rocking with her look! I wont tell you more because I don’t want to spoil the video for you. You just have to watch it So Enjoy!

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NYC/NJ based hip-hop artist Johnnyphlo just released his latest music video ‘Just A Friend’ through Allkpop and a behind the scenes interview with SeoulBeats.
JohnnyPhlo is a Korean-American MC. He has the ability to express himself in a very natural way; with a unique style of flipping between Korean and English creating a flow that’s definitely fresh.
I’ve had the honor to get to know him through one of the most interactive social media networks which is Twitter, and I must say; he definitely is one of the nicest and most talented people I’ve known.
I am very impress with the production of this video. It is very light and easy to follow. I wont tell you much. I don’t want to spoil the premier for you. Oh and don’t forget to check out the cameos of Asian American artists Decipher and Ailee.

The Behind the Scenes Interview with SeoulBeats is really fun to watch! You should definitely check it out too!

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DNT is officially back with their new single’s title track ‘Crazily Pretty’. The song is a fast-paced with a hip-hop feel and is said to have an addictive lyrics and melody.

video credit: SHINeeYAZZ

DNT‘s new song was produced by a new composer MC Chang Jo Ga and the lyrics by lyricist Eun Jong Tae, who is also known for writing lyrics for SS501‘s ‘Because I’m Stupid’, T-Max‘s ‘Paradise’, and Lee Soo Young‘s ‘Foxes’. DNT plans to hold a mini live stage on the 23rd to meet with their fans.

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For the fans of both, Boys Before Flowers and SHINee. On their six months since their first broadcast and and three months since they ended airing it. Here is a little tribute for one of the best hits of this year on the Korean TV Drama shows, Boys Before Flowers Music Video with the SHINee’s Stand By Me, which was one of the favorite songs in their OST (soundtrack). Enjoy!

video credit: lxpysc

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