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Big Bang making their second Japanese Conquest they now release a Japanese version of their Korean song “Heaven” naming it “My Heaven”. Although they never made an official korean “Heaven” music video, and now we know why; I still think they should have made it in korean first! But I did find other netizens uploading this video dubbed in korean and its perfectly sync-ed.
About this video, it seems that GD fits the jpop style pretty well with his long hair, although he looks better with his tied up hair rather than leaving it hanging. Now the one that looks so natural here is Taeyang since he is fluent in japanese. I’m happy that Daesung got to drive a car in this video, that means he passed his drivers license test! Oh and one more thing.. T.O.P should’ve had MORE screen time! All and all the video is awesome. Check it out for yourself:


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It looks like Big Bang’s crossover to America made it faster in the toon world of The Simpsons Version! Of course not to get confused with their famous BANGS Characters from their Korean cartoon show of the same name! Well the Simpsons drawing version is really good. In this video you can see how it was done! Check it out.

video credit: YBsasa

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23 year old Yonsei University music major student/piano player/composer Yoonha Hwang from South Korea, just came out with his piano version of Big Bang & 2NE1 song Lollipop! And Its really awesome! Well what can you expect from such a talented guy? He started composing his own songs at 14years old and now he has more than 250 compositions!

Not only he is an awesome composer; hes a quite fashion model too! ^_^
Check out his pictures and mp3 music on his MySpace

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Since YG has a new girl group, will WonderBang still live on? Will they have another Collaboration? Or will they END their Special Stage? Will 2NE1 become the next Wonder Girls? What do you guys think? Opinions and Comments welcome!

video credit: redsoenvy

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Daesung is really making it BIG!.. Big Hit Chicken has asked Daesung to endorse their chicken. Today his first CF was released and you can see him singing in his signature Trot style!


On The Set

Compailed partial source: allkpop

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This is the music video GDragon colaborated with Japanese Boyband W-inds. Its really nice to see Korean GDragon be part of Jpop and not any colab, its an awesome production! Check it out!

video credit: xoCHiaRaNiCoLexo

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LG Cyon Lollipop Commercial Ad with Big Bang and 2NE1:

Aliks’ Lollipop Remix Version:

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