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NYC/NJ based hip-hop artist Johnnyphlo just released his latest music video ‘Just A Friend’ through Allkpop and a behind the scenes interview with SeoulBeats.
JohnnyPhlo is a Korean-American MC. He has the ability to express himself in a very natural way; with a unique style of flipping between Korean and English creating a flow that’s definitely fresh.
I’ve had the honor to get to know him through one of the most interactive social media networks which is Twitter, and I must say; he definitely is one of the nicest and most talented people I’ve known.
I am very impress with the production of this video. It is very light and easy to follow. I wont tell you much. I don’t want to spoil the premier for you. Oh and don’t forget to check out the cameos of Asian American artists Decipher and Ailee.

The Behind the Scenes Interview with SeoulBeats is really fun to watch! You should definitely check it out too!


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Dani - MC D.I.


Daniel Yi Suh aka D.I. Was born in Asuncion Paraguay in July 1986. Despite being born in a hispanic country, Daniel was raised by Korean parents, who made him the culturally diverse person that he is today. As a Child Daniel found his passion through singing, playing the drums, and bass guitar. When he realized music was something that made him happy, he became very involved in any way he could, including making bands with his friends, and singing in his church choir. Break dancing also became one of Dani’s favorite things to do when he learned from watching his friends everyday.
In 2002, Dani moved to the USA and because of his little knowledge of English he lost confidence in writing as he felt like a small town boy in the tremendously big city of New York. After setting in, making friends, and learning the language, Dani began perfecting his singing and dancing. He came to love Hip-Hop and started writing rap. In 2006, Dani met his current producer and started writing for his first solo album.
In 2008 Dani released his first mini album, Identity, as a demo that expressed his true feelings as a lyricist and an artist struggling to become exactly what he dreamed of. Today, Dani and his producer, Billionheir, work endlessly in the dark of night and early morning on new beats on the pursue of his American dream.


Dani with Jin
Dani and Jin

To listen to his mini album visit his myspace
MC D.I. Dani’s Myspace

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