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NYC/NJ based hip-hop artist Johnnyphlo just released his latest music video ‘Just A Friend’ through Allkpop and a behind the scenes interview with SeoulBeats.
JohnnyPhlo is a Korean-American MC. He has the ability to express himself in a very natural way; with a unique style of flipping between Korean and English creating a flow that’s definitely fresh.
I’ve had the honor to get to know him through one of the most interactive social media networks which is Twitter, and I must say; he definitely is one of the nicest and most talented people I’ve known.
I am very impress with the production of this video. It is very light and easy to follow. I wont tell you much. I don’t want to spoil the premier for you. Oh and don’t forget to check out the cameos of Asian American artists Decipher and Ailee.

The Behind the Scenes Interview with SeoulBeats is really fun to watch! You should definitely check it out too!


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DNT is officially back with their new single’s title track ‘Crazily Pretty’. The song is a fast-paced with a hip-hop feel and is said to have an addictive lyrics and melody.

video credit: SHINeeYAZZ

DNT‘s new song was produced by a new composer MC Chang Jo Ga and the lyrics by lyricist Eun Jong Tae, who is also known for writing lyrics for SS501‘s ‘Because I’m Stupid’, T-Max‘s ‘Paradise’, and Lee Soo Young‘s ‘Foxes’. DNT plans to hold a mini live stage on the 23rd to meet with their fans.

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With their new album -‘Cross and Change’, and new single -‘I Hope’, the boys of F.T. Island have a new look!

video credit: XxtenerifexX


I am loving the Orange ‘red head’ of Lee Hong Ki. I know its just my personal opinion. But I think it actually fits his face features.
My favorite is JaeJin’s new look. The dorky-nerdy look is what captivates me! They actually created the best dorky look ever with the glasses and appropriate clothing!
What do you think? Please comment! ^_^

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Lets say Son Dambi has the most perfect body for modeling jeans. With that being said, Bean Pole just endorsed with her for their Jeans collection. She previosly had modeled for Bean Pole Accessories and they were more than pleased. The Photographer was very comfortable working with her during the photoshoot session.
You can see why! She has a sparkling beauty!
sondambi beenpole1
sondambi beenpole2
sondambi3sondambi beenpole4

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Ceci Magazine celebrating their 15th year anniversary gathered the seven boys of 2PM as a mini photoshoot concidering that their centerfold was SNSD/Girls’ Generation as an indication that without some spicy hot dorky boys the party is not completed.

video credit: symbelmyns

2pm ceci
2pm ceci 2
khun ceci

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SHINee just released the photos for the upcoming issue of Vogue Girl for August.
Although the photography on this pictures are simple, they portrait a very impacting image. There are some garments that I really would like to try on; specially Taemin’s stretchy skin color shirt and Minho’s white collar shirt.
What do you guys think about the pictures?
shineevogue 2

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JYP Entertainment’s popular boy groups 2PM and 2AM have officially created twitter accounts. JYP Entertainment has confirmed that these twitters are in fact the official twitters of each respective member of 2PM and 2AM.



Of course the Legendary Park Jin Young (JYP) is on Twitter

And for all the fans of Joo http://twitter.com/JOOJYPE

To complete the JYP Family here are the Wonder Girls Twitter

Wonder Girls

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