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2PM just released the full MV for their new single MY COLOR as an endorsement for the new Samsung Anycall Corby phone.

Full MV:

60sec. Teaser:

It was a treat to see the Jun-brothers (Junho-Junsu) together for this MV

Also 2PM had recently release some promotional Anycall ads like these taken at a store in Korea:


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The lovely dorkable duo Rain and Goo Hye Sun return with a holiday season treat of eye candy for Tour Les Jours. As you know they did show off their savory treats in the last Tour Les Jours they endorsed. (videos at the end of photo shoot post)

Check out the photos:

Tous Les Jours Holiday CF:

Making of Video:

Previous Tour Les Jours CF:

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Yes its true. on the first day of September 2PM Nichkhun revealed on KBS2. ‘Imagination Plus’
When asked who is his favorite artist he responded is a female
He didn’t hesitate by saying is from SNSD
and everyone agreed on his choice and then he said He likes Yoona!
Reason: Because she has a beautiful smile!

For our Korean readers:
닉쿤은은 9월 1일 방송된 KBS 2TV ‘상상플러스’(상플, 상상더하기)에서 ‘마음에 드는 여자 연예인은?’이라는 질문에 “소녀시대 윤아가 좋다”며 “미소가 되게 예쁘다”고 호감을 드러냈다.

Check out the clip:


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Looks like Lee Seung Gi is very popular! Now even with mothers! The singer Lee Seung Gi who is the endorser of Samsung Zipel just came out with a new CF showing his love for Kimchi and of course for the new Samsung Zipel Kimchi refrigerator.

You will see why this CF is one of the most adorables right now. From the time that he catches a glimpse of a note his mother left him saying, “Son! I made new kimchi!”, the cuteness starts! but I wont spoil it if you haven’t seen it yet! Check it out!

And here is how cuteness is made! ^_^


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2PM will be starring in their own sitcom titled Wild Bunny. The sitcom will air on July 21st. Even though MNet has a lot of history of working together with 2PM, like in Mnet Hot Blood, Mnet Scandal and other shows, they managed to misspelled the boys’ names. Starting with ‘Jae Bum’ which is acceptable to romanization, but ‘Taek Youn’ and ‘Nickun’.. thats really unacceptable! Specially with with ‘Nickun’ , they completely omitted the 2 letter H in his name Nichkhun.

Additional information according to 2oneday :
Chansung is to have a love line with one of the high school girls on the sitcom while Junsu will play the role of someone who talks to objects. Junho is to appear also as someone who is passionate for dancing and has celebrity posters all over his room.

Taec is to play a model who just came from America to Korea for some business. He apparently liked to party it up in America and I found his script on naver. The first scene starts off with him in the airport and he’s wearing a suit. The weather gets to him and he starts speaking Konglish and takes off his suit jacket. He lands himself in a cafe and starts acting all smart with his English, asking the waitress if their ingredients are organic and stuff. When the waitress comes back with his order, he tilts his sunglasses down and winks at her. Unfortunately, she thinks he’s creepy. But seeing her name as Eun Hee and not a waitress, I think she’s bound to come back up during the sitcom.
The girls that are appearing on the sitcom are the girl from Idol Army Episode 3 (the high school girls who had a show with Junjin as their dad).”

Source tip: rukiddenmeh?! at Allkpop


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Boyband 2PM did it again! .. Although the boys couldn’t perform live because they were busy promoting their album in Thailand, we are able to at least enjoy this short and sweet Energy Song MV. They recorded a new Energy Song MV with the exception of Nichkhun, and it was shown on the July 5th episode of SBS Inkigayo. And of course They never fail to show their goofball side of them!

video credit: ShimJiroELF


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For the fans of both, Boys Before Flowers and SHINee. On their six months since their first broadcast and and three months since they ended airing it. Here is a little tribute for one of the best hits of this year on the Korean TV Drama shows, Boys Before Flowers Music Video with the SHINee’s Stand By Me, which was one of the favorite songs in their OST (soundtrack). Enjoy!

video credit: lxpysc

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