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Big Bang making their second Japanese Conquest they now release a Japanese version of their Korean song “Heaven” naming it “My Heaven”. Although they never made an official korean “Heaven” music video, and now we know why; I still think they should have made it in korean first! But I did find other netizens uploading this video dubbed in korean and its perfectly sync-ed.
About this video, it seems that GD fits the jpop style pretty well with his long hair, although he looks better with his tied up hair rather than leaving it hanging. Now the one that looks so natural here is Taeyang since he is fluent in japanese. I’m happy that Daesung got to drive a car in this video, that means he passed his drivers license test! Oh and one more thing.. T.O.P should’ve had MORE screen time! All and all the video is awesome. Check it out for yourself:


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Daesung is really making it BIG!.. Big Hit Chicken has asked Daesung to endorse their chicken. Today his first CF was released and you can see him singing in his signature Trot style!


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