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G-Dragon has had his solo debut in the planning stages for a few months already. He’s planning to go to America for a few months to work on his solo album, but he won’t be alone as his fellow members from Big Bang will be accompanying him on the trip. The producers and music people G-Dragon wants to collaborate with are all based in America so that is the main reason he’s coming over. Big Bang plans on coming to America sometime in February of 2009, just as they finish their promotions for “Remember.”

The other Big Bang members are taking the trip as both a vacation and learning experience. They want to lay their heads down and rest for a bit, but they also want to take advantage of their opportunity of being here by learning / studying choreography and music here. They also plan on improving their English, like their label mate Se7en did. Se7en is currently in America trying to start his fledgling career here. Big Bang can also have an opportunity to work some more label mates in Danny and Teddy of 1Tym (both residents of Los Angeles).

Big Bang said that they would be coming to America for a concert. No word on if they’re planning any concerts in America while they’re here, but they should take this opportunity to do so. They will train in America, so will they eventually debut here? I’m thinking that’s something they’re planning to do so in the future. All I know is that it’s exciting for VIP’s in America.


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