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F.CUZ Teases Us

According to Naver, F.CUZ is currently ranked as the most anticipated group debut of 2010. With just less than a week for their debut, F.CUZ has been teasing us with what I should say are really awesomely made videos for their debut track Jiggy.

First Teaser:

Second Teaser:

Third Teaser:

Here are some eye candy photos of them:


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Rookie group BEAST‘s company Cube Entertainment recently announced their Official Fan Club name as B2UTY. Pronounced Beauty since in Korean, the number 2 sounds as “ee” in the ‘sino-korean’ numeric system.

Now BEAST (B2ST) have posted a personal video messege to the B2UTY’s
Watch how the adorkable boys sing Beauty and the Beast, then cutie Yo Seob punching Doo Joon, and BEAST stating that male fans can be B2UTY’s as well.

As a bonus treat for all the B2UTYs, here is B2ST admiring some of that Gi Kwang abs!

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