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2PM” Fans want the return of Jaebum and created a donation event that is gaining interest.

2PM” Fans gave this special event the name ‘Pink Day” on the 16th. This event seems to have taken place in many places with flow and population, as it took place in Seoul, Myungdong, GwangHwaMoon, Gangnam, Busan, Gwangju, Incheon and Ulsan.

Pink Day” is carried out with fans writing “Return Jaebum” on a pink envelope with money which is placed in a Salvation Army box.

The fans prepared this event to say “It has been 100 days, on the 16th since 2PM’s leader Jaebum left. We think it is time that Jaebum comes back and although this is not a formal event it was done out of the free will from fans”.

They have also expressed, “We cannot just protect the 6 members of 2PM, and hope that the continuous withdrawal of Jaebum does not happen again”.

Even when it was lunch time or in the evening when people were leaving work the fans concentrated on the “Return of Jaebum” event and enlisted more fans.

Credits: Nate News (Source) and jina_bing_bang@2ONEDAY.COM (Trans)


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